Friday, March 31, 2006

A Time Machine

I swear to fucking christ that if I had a time machine I would go into the past and whoever the person was that started reality TV would die a very slow painful death !!!! It drives me up a wall everytime the delicious blonde (or is it evilicious blonde) watches this CRAP !!!!

Yeah Yeah I know I could just leave the room and not watch it but all the shows they are coming up with are really freaking irritating. I am not going to dignify them by mentioning them but I'll say it again. Whoever it was that started this horseshit needs to die slowly of gonorrhea !!!!

No offense to those who like this crap but TV would be a 1000 times better without !!!

But that is just my opinion and we all know opinions are like assholes !!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006


I suppose I am the typical male who loves watching just about any sport. Baseball is my favorite and always will be I suppose ( Total NY Yankee fan ). Anyways I was watching some women sporting events last weekend and all that kept popping into my head was " Hmmmm bet she would look goood dancing naked in front of me !"

So this is another one of my little obsession. Sexy and hot women athletes. So here are two of my favorites. More to cum later !!!

Tanith Belbin -- Ice Dancing

Jenni Finch - Softball

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Music is one of my passions for as long as I remember. I can still remember the first cassette that I ever owned !! ( OZZY OZBOURNE "Bark at the Moon")

And who can forget the first concert that you went to without parental nuisances ! ( Guns N Roses opening for Aerosmith )

I don't care what the genre is if a song strikes a chord with me then I will buy it. I pretty much know how to sing badly music from Broadway Musical to Metallica. OK enough of that crap !

OK the reason for this post. I LOVE finding new bands or bands that are new to me and listening to them. One of my favorites is Allele whose album "Point of Origin" came out in 10/25/2005.

This band is totally kickass. You can find them here !

Monday, March 27, 2006

Old School Porn Obsession


Aaahh I can still remember the movies that hooked me on this seductress. "Chameleons: Not the Sequel". Her scenes in that porn just blew me away.

Gotta love the old school porn stars that remind us of our youth *grins*

Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Current Porn Obsession


Here we go straight out of the gates. There is just something about her looks and her "acting" abilities *grins*. She is not the most beautiful woman in porn but she gets my engine going the fastest and the HARDEST.


Am I or aren't I. I have been told too many times to count that I am but then again WHO CARES?
Is being a freak a bad thing? NOPE !!! I actually enjoy it.

I can care less about people's opinion of me. I love the seeing the reaction they have after someone gets to know me. Most people get the whole "but your were so quiet when we first met" reaction. It is hilarious.

So here we go on a journey in my mind. A place where I am even curious and afraid to go :P